TetherGuards | Another Headcover Missing In Action... When All It Needed Was A Simple Tether!
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Keep Your Headcovers

TetherGuards keep your headcovers attached to each other or your bag so you don't lose them. That's one less thing to worry about!

Easily Customizable

Ordering 100+? Customize the TetherGuards with your logo, company name, tournament name, etc. See pricing page for more info.

Durable and Simple Design

Made from double thick nylon straps, TetherGuards are sturdy, weatherproof, and resistant to print fading and scratching.

Never Lose A Headcover Again

And enjoy golfing a little bit more!

TetherGuards are simple sets of tethers that attach each of your head covers to another head cover or to a piece of hardware on your bag, such as a zipper, metal loop, etc. Because of this simple design, the cover will dangle from its anchor until replaced back on to the club from which it came, rather than dropping and getting lost.

This means no more aggravation and frustration that goes along with losing a head cover and having to replace it.

TetherGuards are one of the few investments you can make for your equipment that will save you money, especially if your covers are a matched set, are specific to your bag, or have sentimental value.

TetherGuards work with ANY kind of cover, with ANY brand, and for ANY club.


Our informal investigation of how many golfers have lost a head cover has uncovered that about 50 percent of golfers have lost at least one, 30 percent haven’t because they don’t use head covers, 10 percent are not willing to admit it and 10 percent  haven’t discovered they are lost yet.

The way to save your covers from being lost is not to keep them in the trunk of your car or stashed in your golf cart. That defeats the whole purpose of the covers to begin with.


If you lose your head cover, it was probably matched to head specific brands of clubs, protecting expensive drivers, fairway woods, hybrids or putters.

In other words, lose one and you are likely to need to replace not only the lost one, but matched covers as well.  Just try to replace the cover of the  new fairway wood cover you just purchased, or the colors of your new golf bag.


The TetherGuard Sports Products Company, LLC has developed an elegant and high quality solution to prevent head covers from accidentally being separated from their owners. A simple tethering system anchors each head cover to another cover or to hardware on your golf bag, such as a loop or a zipper.

Whether the head cover is pulled on purpose, or falls unnoticed because of a bumpy cart road, the cover will dangle not drop. You will never lose another head cover again!

Choose Between Standard, Customized,or Branded TetherGuards…
We sell Standard TetherGuards (with our logo), or you can order Customized/Branded with a min. order of 100.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us if you have more questions!